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Dental Care for Your Pet
Puppies and kittens are born with deciduous, or baby, teeth. These teeth tend to be very sharp and also somewhat fragile. They begin falling out at … More »
Spring Parasites are Here!
With the arrival of spring, comes the arrival of pesky parasites. The following article is a discussion of common parasites that are of concern to … More »
Adopting an Adult Dog
Most people don't think of the option of adopting an adult dog, but this may be the best choice for your lifestyle. Puppies require a lot of care … More »
Household Hazards
Just like for a toddler, your home can be full of hazards for your pets. This is especially true if you have a new puppy or kitten, but even adult … More »
Intestinal Parasites
Does your veterinarian ask you to bring in a stool sample at your pet’s check-up? Do you know why? If not, this article is for you.
< … More »
Home Again, one of the makers of microchips for pets, has a website that keeps count of pets that have been chipped. Last time I looked, there had … More »
Winter Care
Winter is a great time of the year with lots of fun to be had by all. However, there are some hazards associated with this special time of the year. … More »
Vaccinating Your Dog
Vaccinating your dog is a more controversial topic than ever before. If you ask five different veterinarians what vaccinations your dogs need, you … More »
Your Hard Working Dog
Working dogs of any breed are very special. They perform a job for us without asking much in return. Working dogs can be hunting dogs, guard dogs … More »

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