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Barbara, Evensville TN

I am a breeder of English bulldogs, French bulldogs, and Pugs and have used Diamond for 16 years.  I give samples with each puppy and a lot of people have switched all of their pets to Diamond after using your product for a while. I know there is always a chance that bad things can happen; but I do appreciate the care that you take to ensure a safe and healthy food for my animals. Just wanted to let you ALL know, that all of your work is appreciated.

Bill, Sesser IL

I first learned about your products as a result of a Rottie I had that was allergic to ground yellow corn, and I had to find a high quality feed I could afford.  That was 9 years ago.  I now own 4 rotties and feed only Diamond brands and recommend them to the folks who take home puppies and any dog owner who is having a pet they love and want the best for.  You cannot imagine how pleased I am to learn after 9 years of trust that still only real food is in your feed, and not a lot of fillers that can sometimes do more harm than good.  Well done.  Thank you. Thank you very much.

Rick, Carthage TX

Just please keep up the great work.  Top notch product at fair price.  And my dogs love it.  THANKS!

Dan, Hemphill TX

I discovered Diamond a few months ago at Tractor Supply and bought my first bag. I have a male and female Catahoula. In no time at all they began to bulk up and look like a million dollars. The male has always been a picky eater until he experienced your food. Now he is a HOSS. Prior to this, I had been feeding them another brand of so called "premium food" at twice your price. You have a new and very satisfied customer. And my dogs thank you as well.

Wendy, Marietta OH

I just wanted to let you know I have a fullblood Husky who just could not put on weight after a dozen trips to the vet and her once a month pill to prevent heartworms, whipworms and some other worms, she still was not putting weight on. We tried every dog food we could think of. Then a friend who has Huskies told me about your puppy food. After reading the nutrition facts, we bought a 40 pound bag. In no time at all, she was putting weight on. Now she is 2 years old and 65 pounds, healthy and playful. I would like to thank your company for such great dog food. I will never use another brand again. Thanks a lot.

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