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Jason-St. Marys, Pennsylvania

Thank You for your reply.

Our springers are VERY active dogs right now with running around playing all day and swimming a few times per week. Come September, they are going to be run pretty hard to help build their endurance for the hunting season to follow in October. I have been researching all of your foods on diamondpet.com. The choice we made for our springers was Diamond Naturals Extreme Athlete. We chose this because of the ingredients being what we thought were some of the best you had to offer. We are starting to start them on this food right now, while still mixing it with the puppy food we have left.

If you dont mind me asking another question, I have one more ! They will be run and hunted with through sometime around January. Come January/February when they are not hunting anymore, and wont be able to be run up here in PA due to the snow, would you suggest just feeding them the Diamond Naturals Chicken and Rice formula during the off-season?? I would assume that would be a good choice but I figured I would ask the experts.

Thanks so much for all of your help. Diamond Pet Food really does make our dogs look good and stand out in a crowd !!! I have attached a picture of them with their new food !

Thank You,

Ron; Cedar Hill, TX

... I would not even consider changing what I feed.  I have raised and trained Brittanys for 30 years and for most of that time have fed the Diamond (Premium).  My dogs are all in prime physical condition and "rarely" ever make a trip to the vet except for annual shots.  They normally live to age 15 and most will hunt in that last year!  I'd say, that is pretty strong evidence that the Diamond Premium is a superior product!
My two cents!

Valerie O; Ottawa, KS

I have 5 dogs my oldest is now 11. I first started my dog on Diamond when he was about 5.  He was in a lot of pain and had allergies. He was on
shots for ichies and pain meds. When I got him on your food all his allergies have gone away and he has not needed any pain meds at all. I
now have 5 dogs and am starting a rescue.  All my dogs eat Diamond.
Thank you.

Carol H.; Dayton, OR

Just want you to know what a great product you have. i now have all my neighbors feeding their dogs and cats your products . They are all very
happy with your foods. Just wanted to thank you again for the great job you all do for my dogs and cats. Keep up the great work!!!!
Thank you.

Jason N; St. Cloud, MN

"I have almost exclusively used Diamon Naturals Chicken and Rice for my dog's food needs.  that would be three years of Diamond Naturals dog food minus one bag of another brand.  I recently tried one bag of a different quality dog food, just to change things up"...."While trying this other dog food I noticed changes in her coat that I didn't like.  Before getting my dog three years ago I did quite a bit of research on dog foods and Diamond Naturals won as my choice in looking at and comparing ingredients."

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